About Me

My name is Patricia, and I’m the founder of Innertoxicrelief.com, a blog that offers information and support for dealing with a narcissist in your life. 

I guess I don’t have to tell you that if you’re dealing with a narcissist, you likely feel like you’re going crazy yourself. But, it’s not you, it’s their narcissistic abuse. 

I know all about this, because I’ve lived through it. 

My Experience with Narcissism

My mother has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), but like any other child, I didn’t know that what went on in our house was abnormal until I had friends outside the family. 

My first ‘aha’ moment came when a friend of mine responded to a critical comment my mother made about me. Usually, she was careful to make sure she seemed like the perfect, loving mother to anyone outside the family, but I triggered her one day, and she made a snarky comment that my friend overheard. 

Because of my friend’s shocked reaction, I suddenly realized that not everyone’s mother was like mine. My mother had said many mean things to me during my childhood, but this was the first time I understood that it wasn‘t normal. 

It was that single episode that sent me on a search for understanding. It would take many years and many troubled relationships of my own before I truly understood just how narcissistic abuse had affected my life. 

As I recovered from my childhood abuse, my life began to change dramatically. I made better choices regarding the kind of people I let into my life, and I began to rebuild my self-esteem. 

Now, you might think that’s my happy ending, but life likes to throw you a curve ball every now and again. 

My Narcissistic Mother-In-Law

Perhaps my partner and I were attracted to each other because we perceived the similarities in our life stories, but whatever the case, I soon realized my mother-in-law is also a narcissist. 

Because neither of us want to go ‘no-contact’ with our narcissistic parents, I decided to educate myself and start writing about how to deal with this difficult mental disorder. 

That’s when I created the blog, Innertoxicrelief.com. I soon discovered how many people have a narcissist in their life. We’re definitely not alone!

Healing Steps

The first thing to know is that you no longer have to suffer alone. This blog will offer you the emotional support and the education to decide what’s best for you. 

I’ll help you understand the toxic effects of narcissistic parents, explain more about how the narcissist feels inside, and help you identify the signs of narcissism in coworkers and family members alike. 

Here are two important blog articles to get you started learning more about this complex issue: 

Once you’ve identified the narcissist in your life, you might decide to go no-contact or you might want to know how to deal with the toxic person you can’t cut out of your life. 

There are no judgments here. I want to help you get stronger, rebuild your own self-esteem, and free yourself from narcissistic abuse. I support you and your decisions about your life. 

So, welcome to your own healing journey. You’re taking the first steps toward understanding the problem and establishing your ideal life. Life will just get better from here on out! 

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