5 Ways To Get A Narcissist Leave You Alone

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When you’ve finally made the decision to end a relationship with a narcissist, you will likely find it can be difficult to get them to leave you alone. 

Narcissists are basically broken children in adult bodies and one of the things they fear the most is abandonment. Be that as it may, it’s not your responsibility to fix them, and you have a right to a peaceful and drama-free life. 

So, when you make the decision to get narcissism out of your life, you’ll need a strategy for getting them to leave you alone. It takes courage on your part, but the payoff is worth it. Discover some tips for getting them out of your life. 

How to Get Them Out!

It’s important to have a strategy for getting a narcissist to leave you alone because it won’t be as easy as you think. They are fearful of abandonment and will employ many tactics to try to manipulate you into changing your mind. They might love bomb you or beg for just one more chance. If you’re determined to get them out, however, these tips can help. 

1. No Contact

One of the best ways to get a narcissist to finally leave you alone is to go no contact. Once you’ve gone no contact, you’ll likely see the benefits immediately, but be ready for them to make multiple attempts to get you to change your mind. 

They will try to reach out to you in many different ways. Be prepared to block them in every way. Be particularly careful of social media since they can use that to find out where you are or what you’re doing.

Don’t let them draw you back in with promises they will change (they won’t) or even just try to initiate contact with the promise to return something of yours. When you make the decision to go no contact, be certain you have everything in place to make and keep that commitment. 

2. Low Contact

There are certain circumstances where no contact isn’t possible. For example, you might have children with a narcissist or they might be a family member you can’t avoid completely. In these cases, you can opt for going low contact. 

This means you are only in contact with them when you can’t avoid it, and the contact will be on your terms. This option requires setting strong boundaries and following through on any promised consequences for crossing those boundaries. 

When you do have to see them, keep the conversation on a surface level so you can avoid being emotionally drawn into their drama. It will help to keep you sane, and it will keep the contact from escalating into an argument. 

3. Keep Emotions Out of It

The goal of a narcissist is to manipulate you, but when you don’t let them see your emotional side, they have nothing to use against you. It can be difficult when they make provocative statements to try and draw you into an argument. If you can keep your emotions at bay, you’ll deny them what they need to pull you into the drama they love. 

When they see they can’t manipulate you like they want to, they’ll lose interest in interacting with you. They’ll usually try to find a new target when that happens. The challenge here will be in not responding to their provocations. 

4. Steal the Limelight

The one thing a narcissist loves is the limelight. They strive to be the center of attention since it makes them feel validated. That’s why if you steal the limelight, the narcissist will want nothing more than to distance themselves from you. 

The one thing a narcissist loves is the limelight

The narcissist simply can’t stand it when they are not the center of attention. Remember that they are externally validated, and when they are not the focus of those around them, they soon begin to feel like nothing. They may respond by leaving or making an attempt to get the attention back on themselves. The one thing they will do is leave you alone since you are the one who is stealing their much-needed limelight. 

5. Heal Yourself

This is something you have to do within yourself. The thing that gives the narcissist the most power over you is your own belief that they have any power over you in the first place. That’s why you have to eradicate that belief within yourself. 

When you’re able to eradicate that deep belief that they have power over you, you can truly be free of their influence. Even if you can’t go no contact in a literal sense, you can go no contact in an emotional sense. You will see the narcissist for what they are — a frightened, traumatized child. 

Once you see the truth, they will no longer be able to use your own insecurities and emotions against you. This shift in consciousness will be the best way to get the narcissist to leave you alone. They will soon realize they have no power to provoke a response from you, and they will leave on their own. 

Final Thoughts

Trying to get a narcissist to leave you alone can be a difficult process. When you’ve made that decision, these tips can help. You’ll truly be able to find the peace you are seeking once you find your life is free from the emotional toxicity the narcissist brings. 

You should be prepared for what can happen when you try to break things off with a narcissist, particularly if he or she is a romantic partner. Never doubt that you deserve to live a drama-free life. By preparing yourself and implementing strong boundaries, you can get the narcissist in your life to leave you alone. 

It will be worth the effort as you move forward to create the happy life you deserve. Narcissism is a tragic mental condition that leaves many victims in its wake, but you can break free of it to find your ideal life. 

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