Can Empaths Feel When Someone Is Thinking About Them?

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Empaths are individuals who are highly sensitive to the emotions and energies of others. They are able to sense and understand the feelings of others, often without the need for verbal communication. As such, it is not surprising that many people wonder whether empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them.

There are many anecdotal reports that suggest that empaths have a heightened intuition that allows them to sense when someone is thinking about them. While there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that empaths can feel when someone is thinking about them, that doesn’t mean they can’t. 

Some people believe that empaths may be able to sense a shift in energy or vibration when someone is thinking about them, even if they are not in the same physical space. This could manifest as a feeling of warmth, tingling, or a sense of being watched.

As an empath, I know that I will sometimes think about someone, and the next thing I know, they are calling me. Read on to learn more about empathic abilities. 

How Can Empaths Know Someone is Thinking About Them?

While there is no scientific evidence to support this idea, that doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. Empaths are sensitive people who are able to tune into other people’s emotional energy. This can be a difficult experience for those who are not accustomed to their heightened sensitivity, as it can be overwhelming.

That’s why empaths must take steps to protect themselves so they can lead a happy life, as this video explains.

Let’s explore how empaths might be able to tell when someone is thinking about them. 

Clairsentient Empaths 

These are also called physical empaths, and they are particularly attuned to physical sensations and may be able to sense when someone is focusing their thoughts on them. They can pick up on subtle clues such as tension headaches or stomachaches that may indicate another person’s thoughts or emotions.

Claircognizant Empaths 

Claircognizant Empaths

These are also called intuitive empaths because they have heightened intuition and may get flashes of insight into what someone else is thinking without being told. They are also more likely than other types of empaths to pick up on clues in conversations that could give them an idea of what the other person is thinking or feeling.

Spiritual Empaths

These types of empaths believe that they can tap into energies from non-physical sources like angels or guides and may be able to discern when someone is sending them good vibes or positive thoughts even if they aren’t physically present.

What Does an Empathic Person Feel When Someone is Thinking About Them?

Empathic individuals are highly attuned to not just the emotional energy of other people but also how that manifests in their behavior. They can form a deep connection with another person, and that can allow them to physically sense their emotions when they are thinking about the empath. Here are some ways they do that and what they feel when they do. 

Body Language

Body Language

In order for an empath to sense someone else’s thoughts or intentions, they must first be able to recognize the other person’s underlying emotions. Empaths are sensitive individuals who are adept at reading body language and picking up on non-verbal cues that reveal deeper emotional states. By tuning into these signals, an empath can gain insight into what someone may be thinking or feeling without them ever having to say a word.

Meditation and Self-Reflection

Empaths also have the ability to tap into their own inner wisdom in order to better understand another person’s mental state. Through meditation and self-reflection, they can become more aware of how they feel in response to another person’s energies and use this information as guidance in interpreting what someone else might be thinking or intending.

Intuitive ‘Hits’ or Gut Feelings

By developing their intuitive skills and cultivating sensitivity towards others, an empath can develop the power to sense when someone is thinking about them or sending out positive or negative feelings or intentions. When this happens, the empath may get an intuitive ‘hit’ or gut feeling about what is going on. 

Physical Sensations

Intuitive empaths may also get specific physical sensations when someone is thinking about them. This can manifest as a tingling sensation at the back of the neck or in other parts of the body. They might also experience something like a sudden burst of energy or excitement. 

An ‘Aha’ Moment

An ‘Aha’ Moment

Another thing an intuitive empath might experience is a sudden wave of understanding, an ‘aha’ moment. They suddenly get something that they didn’t before, and this is usually something that is related to the individual thinking about them. 

Are There Any Dangers for the Empath in Doing This?

Intuitive people who genuinely sense the emotional energies of other people do have to be careful about becoming overwhelmed by those sensations. A gifted person who can sense when someone is thinking about them also likely feels the emotions of others at an intense level. 

It can be exhilarating when they are sensing positive feelings, but it can be confusing and overwhelming when they have problems distinguishing their own emotions from the external energy of other people. They need to develop their talent and self-awareness so that they can take proper care of themselves, so they don’t get manipulated by people like narcissists, as this video shows can easily happen

Taking care of yourself might mean getting plenty of quiet time so that you can rejuvenate your batteries. It might also mean getting away from people with overwhelming emotions so that you limit your exposure to their emotional pain. 

By being mindful of your own energy and working to develop your empathic abilities, you can use this special gift to connect with others in meaningful ways. Your stronger sense of emotional energy can help you create deeper, more connected interpersonal relationships, but it can also become a dangerous situation for you when you’re around energy vampires like narcissists. 

That’s why it’s vital to take proper care of your own needs. To do that, you have to moderate your strong desire to help others with your need for quiet time alone. 

Helpful life strategies like spending time in nature or with good friends can help to offset any negative energy you encounter. It’s also critical for empathetic people to set firm boundaries with people so that they can better manage their own emotional landscape. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the type of empath you might be, the anecdotal evidence suggests you might have the ability to sense the energy field of other people. You might even be able to sense when someone is thinking about you even though they are not physically present. That can be overwhelming unless you take care of yourself.  While this can be a gift, it can also be intrusive. 

This ability can really become a big problem in your interpersonal relationships, as it can be difficult to get the kind of space you need to process the barrage of emotions you’re sensing, whether those are negative emotions or positive emotions. To help, make sure you get plenty of time alone or in places that bring you joy.

Over time, you can learn to manage your gift to avoid letting those strong emotions overwhelm you. That’s when you can really lean into your gift to help the people in your life overcome their challenges. 


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