How Do Empaths Deal With Breakups?

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Breakups can be tough for anyone, but especially for empaths. Empaths are people who are highly sensitive to the emotions and energies of others, and as such, they tend to feel everything more deeply. That’s why it’s vital that empaths find healthy ways to cope with their grief over a lost love.

When a relationship comes to an end, it can be an incredibly intense, emotional time for an empath. Empaths experience intense grief and sadness, as well as a sense of isolation and loneliness. They may also feel guilty or responsible for the breakup, even if it was not entirely their fault.

In addition to emotional pain, empaths may also experience physical symptoms during a breakup. The stress and anxiety of the situation can cause physical pain, such as headaches, digestive issues, and muscle tension.

Empaths may also find that their energy levels are depleted, as they have been expending so much emotional energy on their partner and the relationship. As an empath, I know how important it is to understand what you might experience with a breakup so you can best heal from the loss. 

How Do Breakups Affect Empaths?

Empaths are naturally very invested in their relationships, and they tend to put their all into making them work. When they marry an energy vampire like a narcissist, as the video below explains, they can feel even more deeply connected to their partner. This means that when a relationship ends, it can feel like a huge loss. 

One of the most challenging parts of a breakup for an empath is dealing with the energy shifts that occur. Empaths are extremely sensitive to the energy of others, and when a relationship ends, there is often a lot of negative energy floating around. 

This can be especially difficult if the breakup was messy and there are unresolved issues or hurt feelings. Empaths may find themselves feeling drained or overwhelmed by this negative energy, which can make it challenging to move on.

How Do Breakups Affect Empaths

So, how do empaths deal with breakups? Here are a few tips:

  • Give yourself time to grieve and process your emotions. 

It’s essential to allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling and not try to push those emotions aside. It’s important to process feelings so that they don’t get ‘stuck’ inside you

Allow yourself to completely process the various stages of grief you’ll experience so that you’re fully ready to move on. Relationship experts like Dr. Jeremy Sutton note the importance of processing as part of dealing with a failed relationship. 

  • Acknowledge your feelings and express them appropriately. 

Don’t suppress or deny your emotions, as this can lead to more stress and resentment. Instead, acknowledge what you are feeling and find healthy ways to express it. 

You can write in a journal, talk to a friend, family member, or counselor, or engage in creative activities like painting, music, or poetry. Expressing your feelings can help you release them and gain clarity and perspective.

  • Practice self-care. 

This can include things like getting enough rest, eating well, and engaging in activities that bring you joy.

  • Set boundaries. 

If your ex-partner is still in your life, it’s important to establish clear boundaries to protect your energy and emotional well-being. Boundaries are essential for a healthy relationship of any kind, whether with your ex or a new partner. 

  • Seek support from fellow empaths.

Find other empaths or a mental health professional who understands the unique challenges of being an empath. They can give you the support you need to deal with your pain, process your negative emotions, and get through a tough time. 

  • Practice energetic hygiene. 

This means taking steps to protect your energy and clear away any negative energy and painful emotions that may be clinging to you. This can include things like meditation, yoga, or smudging with sage.

A romantic breakup can be a challenging process for anyone, but empaths may find them especially tough. By taking care of yourself and practicing energetic hygiene, you can move through the grieving process and come out the other side stronger and more in touch with your own needs and desires. You’ll be better prepared for future relationships as a result. 

Remember that it’s okay to take time to heal and that the process may be challenging, but you have the strength and resilience to get through it. There are also some things you might want to consider before getting into a relationship with someone. 

Types of People Empaths Should Avoid in Relationships

Types of People Empaths Should Avoid in Relationships

Because empaths are sensitive people who can feel and absorb the emotions and energies of others, they are extremely compassionate. However, being an empath can also pose some challenges in romantic relationships, especially if they encounter partners who exhibit certain behavioral patterns that are detrimental to their well-being.

Let’s take a look at some common relationships empaths might want to avoid. 

1. Narcissistic People

Narcissists are people who have an inflated sense of self-importance and entitlement and who lack empathy for others. They often manipulate, exploit, and demean their partners to boost their own ego and meet their own needs. 

Empaths may be attracted to narcissists because they see their vulnerability and pain behind their mask of confidence and charisma. However, narcissists will only drain empaths of their energy and emotional resources and make them feel inadequate and worthless. And, as the following video shows, they often leave when they feel the empath is getting too close.

Empaths should avoid such toxic relationships with narcissists because they will never receive the respect, appreciation, and love they deserve from them.

2. Codependent People

Codependents are people who have an excessive reliance on their partners for their sense of identity, worth, and happiness. They often neglect their own needs and boundaries and focus on pleasing and fixing their partners. 

Empaths may be drawn to codependents because they feel needed and valued by them. However, codependents will only suffocate empaths with their clinginess and dependency and make them feel guilty and responsible for their problems. Empaths should avoid relationships with codependents because they will never have the space, freedom, and balance they need from them.

3. Abusive People in General

Abusers are people who use physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual violence to control and harm their partners. They often intimidate, threaten, isolate, and blame their partners for their abusive behavior. 

Empaths may fall prey to abusers because they mistake their intensity and passion for love and commitment. However, abusers will only hurt empaths physically and psychologically and make them feel fearful and trapped. Empaths should avoid relationships with abusers because they will never have the safety, trust, and respect they need from them.

Empaths deserve to have healthy and fulfilling relationships with partners who can appreciate their sensitivity and compassion and who can support their growth and happiness. Empaths should avoid relationships with narcissists, codependents, and abusers because these kinds of partners will only cause them pain and suffering. 

Final Thoughts

It’s easy for empaths to take on negative feelings when they suffer a romantic breakup. The pain of rejection can be especially difficult for someone who absorbs all kinds of energy from the people around them. 

That’s why it’s vital for empaths to allow themselves to complete the stages of grief in the post-breakup period so that they can fully process the emotional pain and emerge as a healthier person. With a little time and a lot of self-compassion, your broken heart will heal and you’ll be ready to greet the world with positive feelings again.


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