Can An Empath Supernova Destroy A Narcissist?

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There is a type of empath known as an empath supernova or Heyoka empath. The word comes from Native American folklore. This type of empath is considered very powerful because of their ability to heal other people.

They are able to readily reflect back the emotions of the people they encounter in a transformational way. Because of that ability, they are considered to be the ultimate nemesis of a narcissist. 

Empath supernovas are able to deliver an incapacitating blow to a narcissist’s ego. When a narcissist begins the devaluation stage of a relationship with this type of empath, the empath gathers more energy. They begin to expose the narcissist to the world, and this is how they can destroy them. 

An empath is able to see through the narcissist’s protective mechanisms to the real turmoil they experience inside. The empath sees their shame and self-loathing. The gift of a Heyoka empath is their ability to take that one step further by taking away their power at every turn.

This is what ultimately destroys the narcissist. By understanding how this type of empath works, you can learn to defend yourself better against narcissistic abuse. 

How Does an Empath Supernova Destroy a Narcissist?

Empath supernovas are able to view the narcissist with a high level of emotional understanding. When they are met with a narcissist’s characteristic rage, however, they engage their internal self-defense mechanisms. 

They are able to remain strategic while they systematically begin the process of exposing the narcissist to the world. This is the narcissist’s worst fear realized, but it can ultimately be a very healing experience. 

As the Heyoka empath engages in this process, the narcissist becomes increasingly confused, and they try multiple forms of manipulation to challenge the empath. They are woefully outgunned, however, and as they begin to realize that, they will typically initiate a discard

“Sometimes your experience with a Heyoka empath may leave you dissatisfied. This is because Heyokas are mirrors and only reflect that which is presented to them. So if you project negative energy the same will be reflected back to you. This honest reflection will show you what you need to work on to become a better version of you.”

Katya Ki, Metaphysical Expert, Reiki Master, and Human Rights Attorney

That often leaves the narcissist without any narcissistic supply. They desperately seek another strategy, but they always default to narcissistic manipulation tactics to try to force the empath supernova to do what they want. 

By this point in time, the empath’s energy levels are, like a supernova, at incredibly high levels. Their kind nature causes them to give the narcissist every chance to change their strategy, but the narcissist has no other recourse. 

At this point, the narcissist usually employs the silent treatment, but the Heyoka empath will usually respond by going no contact. Once contact is broken, the Heyoka empath begins healing themselves from the toxicity they encountered. This process destroys the narcissist, as explained in this video

What are the Characteristics of a Heyoka Empath?

Heyoka empaths possess several characteristics that are distinct from other types of empaths. Like all empaths, they are keenly aware of other people’s emotions, and they not only understand them but also experience them in their own body. 

What are the Characteristics of a Heyoka Empath

Given the depth of their emotional sensitivity, the Heyoka empath is often focused on healing others. Here are several traits that help them to do just that. 

  • You’re a Human Lie Detector

Heyoka empaths are so keenly tuned into other people’s emotional sensations that they can almost always tell when someone is lying. They can even tell when someone is lying to themselves. 

  • You Know What Someone Will Say Next

Heyoka empaths will often know what someone will say next. That means they are rarely surprised by what someone tells them. They frequently are able to finish the sentences of the person speaking. 

  • Satirical Humor

Heyoka empaths have a keen sense of humor, but it is often dark or satirical in nature. While this seems paradoxical, this type of humor can often stimulate healing. When you can laugh at something, you can usually heal from it. 

  • Your Empathy Heals

Your Empathy Heals

One of the key characteristics that distinguish a Heyoka empath from other empaths is that their empath heals other people. Reflecting back emotions and being able to see through protective outer shells allows these types of empaths to heal people in pain. 

  • Brutal Honesty

Empath supernovas are known for their brutal honesty. It’s the only way they know how to be, but it’s also an effective healing technique. Sometimes people feel attacked by this kind of honesty, but when they think about it, they often have profound insights that stimulate healing. 

  • You Love Solitude

Because they are so sensitive to the emotions of other people, the Heyoka empath loves solitude. It is when they are alone that they can truly focus on their own emotional needs and heal any toxicity to which they have been exposed. 

  • You Can Sense the Emotions of People Not Present

Heyoka empaths are so powerful in their empathy that they can even sense the emotions of people not present. They will just know that someone they know is having a bad day, even though they haven’t talked to them in months. 

Why are Narcissists Attracted to Heyoka Empaths?

Why are Narcissists Attracted to Heyoka Empaths

Narcissists are attracted to people who can sense their needs and who want to help them. They also like to feel superior to other people. 

When a narcissist meets someone who has the intuitive, empathic powers of a Heyoka empath, they are attracted to them because they are so caring. They think they can manipulate them into codependency as they have done with many other people in their life. 

“Sometimes your experience with a Heyoka empath may leave you dissatisfied. This is because Heyokas are mirrors and only reflect that which is presented to them. So if you project negative energy the same will be reflected back to you. This honest reflection will show you what you need to work on to become a better version of you.”

Katya Ki, Metaphysical Expert, Reiki Master, and Human Rights Attorney

They are, after all, master manipulators, and if they can bend a Heyoka empath to their will, it will prove their superiority. That’s what they think, anyway. Plus, they will get someone exclusively focused on their needs, which is their ultimate goal in any relationship, as this video shows

For their part, the Heyoka empath is often attracted to the narcissist because they do see their inner turmoil, and they want to help. Empaths, in general, are very caring individuals, but a Heyoka empath is by their nature a healer. 

Thus, the two come together initially, but as the dynamic becomes progressively more dysfunctional, it often causes the empath to engage certain defense mechanisms that can destroy the narcissist.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an empath, a Heyoka empath, or a regular person, if you’re involved with a narcissist, you have to take steps to protect yourself from their manipulation and abuse.

They know how to identify your emotional triggers and use those to manipulate you into doing what they want you to do. To prevent that, it’s important to defuse your triggers and heal the wounds that caused them. 

I have created a 5-Step Roadmap to Heal Emotional Triggers that is designed to do that. It will help you first identify your triggers and defuse them. Then you can engage in the vital work of healing the old wounds that created them.

Once you’ve done that, you’re in control of your own emotions and can prevent narcissistic manipulation. If you would like a free copy of this handy guide, just click on the link here and I will send it directly to your inbox. 


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